Why Invest

As a Crown League owner, you'll participate in a shared investment, entertainment and rooting experience unprecedented in the world of fantasy sports.

The Ownership Experience The Ownership Experience

Gain exclusive access to league and franchise channels for relevant chatter around your team, your front office and the impact every play has on your investment. The Crown League even intends to provide a marketplace that offers franchise owners the ability to monetize shares and change teams.

Share Your Fantasy Share Your Fantasy

Experience team ownership with friends, family and colleagues while collaborating with fellow owners to guide the direction of your franchise. And as the action unfolds, meet in person at live Crown League events to root for your investment together.

Original Content Original Content

The Crown League will be the first media entity to provide professional coverage of a single fantasy league - yours. Gameday and weekly analysis of matchups, franchises, GMs and their moves will amplify the experience of following your fantasy team.

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